Sky - Can I cancel the TV but keep broadband

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Found 25th Feb 2011
As a protest at the lack of deals that everyone but me seem to be getting offered I want to cancel my Sky account. Anyone know if I will be able to cancel the TV aspect of the account but keep Sky Talk and broadband.


Yes, as far as I know. But I think it'll cost you £5 extra per month than what you're already paying for broadband.

Yes you can, but be warned that you will lose your line and bb as this will need to be set back up again. 10-14 days if your lucky and they can process both services together; otherwise 10-14 days for line and a further 5-11 days for bb if your not on sky's network.

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My line rental is with BT, I just pay Sky for the calls,.

Recently cancelled sky tv, kept BB and calls and moved line rental over to them from BT. No loss of anything they warn BB may cut out or be slow but not been so far. Saved a few £. BB charge didn't change but a £2.50p/m surcharge for not having TV. I got this refunded as staff didn't inform me of this.


My line rental is with BT, I just pay Sky for the calls,.

You should be ok, you might be billed by BT for a couple of days for calls until it's switched back over - unlikely but happens. As above re. BB may go off for a bit.
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