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Found 4th Jun 2008
My 12 months have finished couple weeks ago, so phoned them up to haggle about sky+ (like everyone does) blah blah blah, want to switch to Virgin, BT Vision, freesat, etc, they said we can give you sky+ for 99 quid. Said no, thanks. they-cant do better than that. sent them an email, they just sent me an answer

Dear Mr XXXXX,

Thank you for your email regarding your Sky account.

As your request to cancel your account was received on 2/06/08 your account will be cancelled on 2/07/08, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract.

We are sorry to have lost a valued customer and would like to thank you for your past custom. Should you wish to resume viewing our channels at any time, please contact Customer Service on 08442 414141 and they will be happy to reinstate your account.

I have issued you a MAC code to allow you to change provider smoothly, this should be with you within 5 working days.

Cancellation Team

and now what??? wanted to get sky+, will get disconnected now? when would I have to make my missus to sign a new agreement? after my one ends (it means we'll stay without intenet for like couple weeks...) Unless there are any other options I don't know about. I live in a non cable block of flats area btw Sky and BT are the only way to go. freesat won;t work

I think I'd go for HD if it's ca. 99 quid tops, or free sky+...but no, no, no, they cancelled me... Jeeez, what a bunch of salesman Regardless if I'm new or old customer...Loosing and old customer=not gaining a new one (in terms of revenue, right?). Why do they prefer to let me go, than to sign a new customer??? come on....
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not much u can do, u tried to call their bluff n failed, unless u want to lose your connection ring and stay
I think SKY are now wise to people cancelling to try and get other services cheaper - Only option is to stay (as above) if you want Sky+
Yeah but you had only been with them a year so maybe less likely to offer incentives? Ive been with them 8 years and they bend over backwards when i ring them to try and cancel
Stick to your guns!

Sky dont want to loose your money - I'm sure your account will be passed to the retentions department and you will get a call nearer the cancel date with offers to keep your custom.

And if they do not you can always ring them at the end of june and un-cancel.
Like your thinking Damnome!!!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!!!! Stay strong!!!!!! Be wise, stick to your beliefs!!!
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dont hold ur breath mate was with them for 16 years tryed a thing like ur self cos i got sky+ from day one when it come out had old sky before when they brought sky anytime out i thought ohh cool
and then was told that my box was the old one and that it cant do it and said i can pay £200 for a new one i told them why should i pay when u bring out a service that my box cant do why did u not make it futre proof i said cut it off i dont want it he said hang on them come back and said ok 49.99
i said no i told u i wanted it for free he said i cant do that cut it then i said so they did got to say dont miss it at all i got myself a TF5800 freeview box dose everything sky + will do and then some loads loads more
I think it depends on who you speak to on the day you phone.

I phoned sky 2 weeks ago, spoke to a lovely scottish woman, joked and had a laugh with her etc and gave her the 'i'm leaving you for virgin media' talk ...At first all she could offer me was sky+ and installation for £49.99 and i said i need to speak to my partner to confirm, she went away to speak to a manager, came back and offered me sky+ and installation, within 3 days for free, if i gave here an answer there and then... so i did !

I would phone and try your luck again, all the best !
I have today reviewed my Sky+. I've only been with them a year and they aren't interested in retention. The scottish bloke said "due to people posting on forums (like this one) posting deals you could get when you threaten to leave and they have had the offers taken from them". I pressed on asking if the retention team could offer anything and he politely informed me he was part of it and that all calls to cancel go to one team now.

The only saving they offered was to drop my internet package from max to low (restricted speed and download limit) and to take on the bt line rental at £10 a month saving me about £4 a quarter. All in all i'm a gambler and told them I would still leave as virgin is fast, better +box and not run by a power hungry monopoly. Only thing is Virgin media isn't available in my area......I still might leave and get freesat HD. Hey if everyone walked out on sky they'd have to offer better deals.

Feedback is a gift! Sometimes you like them and sometime you don't.
why are people surprised when they ring to cancel something and the company then cancels it?
i did the same last week and the best they have offerd me so far is £49 for sky+ still holding out for Hd though..................
i have received a flyer today saying come back to sky tv now and get your free sky + box quoting FREE SKY+51C offer ends 29 june 2008
dont know if this is any help worth a try
I emailed sky to let them know that i wanted to cancel my subscription, they rang back today and offered me a Sky+ box (brand new) and installation for £49.00 and are booked to come on Wednesday to install. I have the chance to cancel within one month of installation and get a full refund if i don't like it. My sister rang today and got the smae deal after a bit of haggling. She did try for a free installation but they wouldn't obilge even after being on the phone for over an hour.
I hope you used the geographical number on the forums at [url][/url] or that call would have cost you possibly £6
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