Sky Cancellation deal

Posted 5th Jul 2020
It's that time of year where I have to play the haggle/cancel game with sky again. I've always refused to pay more than what I do currently and they always give it to me. But with current circumstances I know they're down on staff etc. So I've put in my cancellation. The deal I was offered was £14 more than what I pay. So I said no. How likely is it that they'll offer me a better deal?
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If this is day 1 of your notice then extremely likely. If they don't match your current just go without for a few days until they call you back again
deleted164053605/07/2020 15:13

Beat you by 9 seconds!
With Sky you sometimes need to be prepared to go through with a cancellation if they’re not budging, after cancelling the ‘come back’ offers slowly escalate
Sky couldn't match a deal from Virgin Media for me - safe to say I'm with VM now
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