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    Hi all

    Does anyone know of, or have a Channels list for each provider. What I mean by this is.. VM provide a channel called Alibi - Is there a similar channel that will show the same type of programmes on SKY and vise versa

    Granda currently on VM - L BB, TV and M Phone, but wants to cut down from £40 a month (inc calls to USA - thats another story) to around £20 for the same thing and reckons he can buy moving to SKY when contract ends next month.

    He only watches Terrestial TV, and Digi FV plus ABILI and HALLMARK. We would like to know, do SKY provide this channels, and if so are they called the same thing?


    I don't think he would be able to get a tv and broadband package at all for £20.

    I have got tired of paying £40 per month on a retention deal with Virgin for XL TV, L BB, Evening & W/End Calls, and ditched the unwatched TV in favour of Freesat, now paying £25.44 per month instead.

    The problem with moving from the fibre optic cable line that Virgin provide to Sky is dropping to ADSL, unless he lives near the phone exchange be careful of the line speed that he would get. I find I am pretty much stuck with Virgin because I want a decent sustained line speed.

    I somehow doubt unless he only has terrestrial tv and switches to a broadband+phone deal with Virgin retentions he would get anything near £20, if I ditched evening and weekend calls, I believe they would still charge me about £22-23

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    BB is used for a MAX of EIGHT HOURS a MONTH - 2 per week
    Phone - only evening/weekends
    TV - as previously stated, Standard Channels, plus FV plus Alibi and Hallmark thats it!?

    any better ideas (thanks so far guys!)

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    contract expires next week, and havent got any deals for VM

    best they can do is reduce currerntly £42 per month by £4 to £38 and tbh that isnt good enough
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