Sky Charging me for Box office event 3 years ago, can they still do that?

    Got a bill through from Sky this week for an extra £15 on top of my account next month for the Ricky Hatton fight in 2007, which i did order.

    I just assumed i had paid for it at the time, but cant remember 100% if it came out the bank.

    Can they still charge me for this nearly 3 years down the line?


    your box office events are stored on the card, you mustve just plugged it into the phone line.

    this happened to me once, we had a sky bill of over 100quid! called up sky to enquire and it was for all my box offices for the last couple of years! not sure why it happens but it does

    yeah summat to do with when you order it without the box being plugged in to the phone line, i to never paid for the same fight.

    yep, i was naughty and reconfigured my telephone wires so as not to pay for a couple of movies about 2 years ago. i recently recomended my son to sky, and had a free hd box installed. i forgot about the cheating i had done lol, and recieved a bill last month for two movies. do the crime, do the time lol.

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    Damn, plugged the phone line back in 2 weeks ago to see if it still worked, must have been that thats triggered it.

    So the info is stored on the card then, thats a bit dodgy isnt it?

    ah yes the old dodgy phone trick, did that few years back but was smart enough to use another sky box & card when moved to multi room (there would be a few dodgy films on it, that would take some explaining to the wife :p)
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