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Found 24th Feb 2018
Good morning everyone

Ive just been on the phone to sky to find out when my tv contract ends (I had in my head it was in the next couple of months) so I could cancel and get a new deal. They said that I am not in a contract at the moment. I currently pay £35 per month for everything... Just tv (not BT sports) which will be going up about £1.50 in the next few months..

I was expecting it to go up to the standard £90 odd pound when I was out of contract... Anyone else experienced this...?
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Just checked my mysky app and it confirms my next 3 bills are for this price...
You should ask when the discount on your account ends.
jamkhan8 m ago

You should ask when the discount on your account ends.

Thanks... I think I will just keep an eye on it on mysky app... Didn't realise that it tells you your next 3 future bills...
its a known fact, cancel then wait for the paperwork 2 weeks later they offer you a deal
i was paying £38 a month for sky q that is a con, as they ask for £12 a month for UHD that is still very limited

i cancelled, 14 days later got a letter saying stay for £20 a month for 6 months, BUT they asked to sign a 18 month contact
My box should go dead in 14 days and already had a text saying its never to late to come back for 50% discount
Yes be careful. I am cancelling a month before my contract ends to get a good price a few months after that. I’m not tied into their broadband so can take my time
I was on the MSE offer (£30 sky HD 12 month full hd tv package), that ended and they put me on 30 day rolling for 18months same price, just checked the my sky app for future bills, still showing as £30, so no tv price increases for me for past two years
Yeah.. I always cancel before the end and do the whole waiting shenanigans...
Pretty sure that's passed though so might be on the rolling contract thing...
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