Sky contract cancelled, taking new one out?

    Sky contract ends jan 2nd 2015

    They were offering me 20% discount so I cancelled and intend to reopen under my wifes name and maiden name. Been doing this for years so I get the 50% plus new boxes

    There is no installation dates in Jan yet on there website. I was wondering if I was to potentially start a new contract a week before would it cause issues. Would they know there is still an active contract here even if i move the boxes when the engineer arrives.

    Reason for doing now is the 50% off plus £50 voucher offer.


    You may find that they might not let you take a new offer - as they now look at the address location and the previous account holder rather than just the name.

    Surely you can just extend your current for a month and install in feb?

    your right in doing that

    AFTER MUCH AGGRO - of doing something extremely similar myself - when switching from sky to sky even at same address - they managed to cock it up and it ended up taking 2 weeks longer than originally anticipated.

    Just choose a date AFTER - your current line expires , and dont mess around with it - poor souls are pretty simple( with a few good ones inbetween) , so too much confusion will result in quite alot of heartache on your end.
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