Sky+/ Currys. Thanks to poster of Sky web website.

When the Sky+/ Currys offer was on before Chrimbo (Sky+ for £59) someone posted (may have been Currys employee) a cheeky and rather illegal way to bypass Currys and get access to the Sky website which was supposed to be used by the Currys person signing you up to the deal. This meant that you didn't have to pay currys thier £29.99 just £30 to sky for installation. I was prepared to pay the £59 but was told in stores that I had to buy a TV so only paying £30 was a bonus.

I was rather nervous for several days. But on 21 Dec Sky man came!

So thanks to the person who posted that deal. Admin removed it fairly quickly. Did anyone else get it?


i didnt even see the post

I didn't catch the original post either :-(

nor did I... you couldnt pm the details could you??

a pm my way if u still have the info would be great

yeah i remember this one

please pm this way as well, thanks

I'm new to posting and using forums on here so don't know what PM is but I am looking to leave virgin to join sky and would appreciate all the help I can get to get it cheaper.

Using Sky website it quotes £99 for the Sky+ box plus £30 installation. Based on 2 tv mixes, the fast broadband and sky unlimited talk.

Quidco are offering £130 cash back but is there any other vouchers, links, other companies offering better deals?

Thanks in advance Paul

PM = Personal message, click the persons name, it'll bring a dropdown box.

Click "Send a personal message to USERNAME"


a cheeky and rather illegal

I don't remember this one off-hand but if it was as you say then sorry but had to be done

PM's all round.

If you're not a member at the moment, it's worth joining just for this alone - they have £125 cashback for joining at the moment, which basically ends up covering more than a year's subscription! (And it works, because I did it, though sadly when the cashback was half as much!!)
Don't forget to get introduced by soembody you know already with sky, too, you'll both get £50 of m&s vouchers!

id appreciate a PM cheers

i'm interested too, please PM me too.

pm here fella

Pm me too please

pm me pls

If you've got the time to sent another PM my way then I'd be grateful, don't worry if you don't have time.
Rep will be left as a way of saying thank you.


please pm me it too


If you've got the time to sent another PM my way then I'd be grateful, … If you've got the time to sent another PM my way then I'd be grateful, don't worry if you don't have time.Rep will be left as a way of saying thank you.Chris

We'll second that - if you have the time it would be most appreciated :thumbsup:

Me me me too!

Thanks :thumbsup:

Pm for me too please if you would.

Thank you.

If anyone could PM me the details too, I'd be very grateful!


pm me too

I'd be grateful if someone could pm me the info.
Also, does anyone know if the link is still working?
Thanks in advance.

Is this still working and does it work for Sky HD to?

PM me if poss.


I don't know if anyone can tell me if this will work but here goes. I have a sky box that i use to view the free to air channels and wondered if i signed up through quidco (currently £130 cashback) to some pay per view channels at £19.00 per month and i don't have to pay for installation then will i still get the cashback. :?

Pm For Me To - Gracius

A wee PM to me also would be appreciated :thumbsup:

Anyone got a PM yet ?


I would appreciate a PM if anyone has the link

PM as well please

I'd really appreciate the link in a PM too as this is exactly what I've been looking for! Sky quoted me £160 to change to Sky+ which is far too much.
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