Sky Deal

    I'm not going to put this in deals as I know it wont help everyone

    but I just called sky as my current contract ends soon and asked to cancel I have been with sky 5 years so in order to keep my business

    they just signed me up to Sky TV with Movies, sports and the HD pack , fibre broadband and phone for £54.65 a month inc line rental for the next 12 months

    now some people might not think this is a deal some people might want to take advantage but if your contract is up best give them a call and see what they can do for you

    I hope this will help someone


    Thanks for sharing this info ViperKeith, but you could consider posting this in deals. It's whether you think other people may also be able to get this deal, if you think they can - then there's no harm I suppose.

    hehe my lass got similar all of the above but with normal bb for £48, she cancelled and on disconnect day were eager to resign her! plus they gave her £50 credit on a/c!!

    they offered me £2 discount ......bye lol
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