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    does any one know how i can get sky plus for free i am already a sky customer and don,t want to pay the 49 as new customers r going it for free which i think is not fair so does any any have any deals out there for instalation and the sky box for free please


    £49 is not a bad price as that includes installation aswell. That is what I paid to Sky and I am already a customer. It used to be £99. If you are a new customer then yes you would get it free but I think you still have to pay for installation.

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    ok thanks christine i was just wondering as at this time of year it is expensive with three kids of my without paying out 49 paunds i may just wait for the new year then

    I have been a Sky customer for over 10yrs and the best deal they have offered whenever i've tried to get a free Sky+ upgrade was £49.... but i've still not said yes as it's about time they offer for free.


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    yeah thats true steve as it is just not fair i have been with them for seven years and have never had any deals off them and all these new customers r getting loads of deals now they should b trying to keep old customers aswell by offering them the same deals i think

    Yes I iagree they do seem to give the new customers better deals, although I had a good deal recently from the Sky stall in my local shopping mall, I got another sky+ box for another room, (multiroom) for £49, so can record from both boxes now which is good. I do pay extra for multi room but it was only £5 a month extra not the normal £10. Check out these stalls in your local shopping mall, they may be able to offer you something. Or as an alternative tell them you want to cancel, this sometimes prompts them to offer you something really good.

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    ok thanks christine as i was thinking about about hetting mutli room for the £5 as i have seen that advertised so did u get the both sky plus boxes and installion for that £49 as if so that is not too bad or have u got to use ur old sky box for the multiroom and just have one new sky plus box thanks

    multi room for £5 is only if you don't have any of the sport or movie packages:thumbsup:

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    yeah thanks jonthevillayboy i have only got the simple package thanks

    Ring Sky up and ask about the deal for new customers and tell them its unfair and ask if they can help you. When they say no, then ask to speak to disconnections saying you will move your custom elsewhere.You will be suprised how quick they change their mind and you will get one for free i did!!

    This also applies to mobile phone contracts etc, always speak to the organ grinder, dont get fobbed off by the monkey that answers the phone, go over their head.

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    ok thanks i wil go it a go now

    Hi , sorry so late getting back to u -had visitors, hope you have some joy with Sky, I already had sk+ in my lounge and then went for the multi room option with another sky+ in the conservatory so we could watch different programmes at the same time and also record from both boxes - so if there is are a lot of things on you can record 2 programmes on each box - worth it for over Crimbo when hopefully there will be something worth watching!!!!

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    thanks christine
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