SKY Deal

    I am looking to move from virgin media to sky but i cant find a GREAT deal off the net.

    Any ideas if theres any codes or anything?

    Im paying at the moment £75 for

    20mb broadband
    XL TV
    XL Phone

    but i just want TV with sky including sports movies espn and multiroom for around the same price! pleasee 50% off would be great


    Just call then and say you will move to sky if they give you good deal, they normally do,:whistling:

    Always have your line tested for what your line is able to take, i was with virgin for years getting 10 meg but then had change to sky because virgin did not cover the area that i was moving to. even tho it's only 5 mins away
    I now get a upto 20 meg service which pulls in a massive 1 to 1.5 whole meg due to that being all the line can take
    at times it seems slower than dial up with it also cutting in and out

    If there are any 'New' Sky customers that are after the:

    - free Sky+ HD Box
    - free standard Installation
    - free HD Pack for 6 months

    PM me your (full) name and your email address, and I'll refer you as a friend and Sky will then offer you the deal.
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