Found 26th Mar 2008
I have read a few threads on getting a Sky+ deal through Quidco and also refer a friend, or various vouchers that were available. I am an existing Sky customer for quite a few years and needed advice on the best way of getting Sky+ without being charged ridicolous fees. Also I currently pay about £21 for a Entertainment package on normal Sky that includes channels like E4, music and documenraty channels. Under the Sky+ deals, it seems you have to fork out about £35 in order to get all the existing channels I have . Else there is no point in getting Sky+ for the basic package of £17 monthly as you only get a few channels on it. Anyone have any ideas or advice what to do?

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There is another thread running discussing the best way t o upgrade, it might be worth you taking a look.

As for the price you are paying we are only on the basic package and we have sky+ , although we also pay for multiroom, but that was added after the sky +.…eed

£21 is correct price for all 6mixes which gets you everything except movies and sports. Sounds like this is what you are currently receiving?

Also, Sky+ service has been free of charge since July2007 for anyone who subscribes to at least 1mix £16p/m so other than the cost of the hardware it doesn't make sense anymore for people to have a plain sky box.

If you have the DIY skills, you can run the 2nd cable from the skydish (assuming it has at least a dual LNB, sky currently fit quad lnbs) and swap the sky box for a sky+ one. Then phone sky and get them to pair the sky+ box up without incurring any further charges.

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