Sky Deals ?

    Im looking to renew my existing contract with sky (TV / BBand / Phone ,line rental with sky too)

    Does any one know of any deals that Sky is offering at the moment ?

    I cant cancel and re open through quidco as its a flat with a shared dish..

    Happy to move else where as well.. for a good price.


    Quit sky, wait two months and get a letter for 1/2 price tv for 6 months, then wait another month for 12 months 1/2 price. That's what I did.

    Last year we phoned up to complain about costs, so they gave us free line rental for the year. Yesterday we phoned them to have a moan about BB being £17 a month (due to type of exchange etc) and they brought it down to £10 for the next 6 months.

    Only got these by going through to cancellations/We want to leave Sky department - they are geared up to giving you incentives to stay.

    i am like you with having all my eggs in one basket with sky, so i phoned them up on saturday night and asked if they could do a deal for me as an existing customer, he spoke to his manager and i got 25% discount for 6 months on my tv package. maybe not the best but the discount will pay for my multiroom for the next 6 months.
    as you have line rental with sky you cannot move to another phone supplier without paying a fee to move to another network.

    Doesn't always work - i've tried that, depends on what deals are around to keep customers!

    i called them last week only to be told they could offer me unlimited calls for £5 a month - highest my bill has ever been is £4 for a month so it was going to cost me more! when i explained this he said there was a credit crunch and sky felt it too! plus as i wasnt in a virgin area my only other option was bt vision so i was to check that out! joke! i am currently paying them £82.50 a month then £15.44 line rental with bt and calls with sky on top - costing me a small fortune!
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