Sky Deals Through Currys

Hi, I'm one of the many that have received the letter explaining a planned increase in BT broadband, line rental and TV and have the chance to leave fee free. I'm considering this as the BT TV is shocking, signal issues, freeezing, regular crashes and the need to keep rescanning channels.

I know Sky are just as bad on customer service etc but there were some really good deals around before Christmas on Sky through Currys and CarephoneWarehouse and wondered if anyone knew if they were still available.

If not could anyone recommend a decent alternative with unlimited, high speed Fibre for streaming and online gaming.

Thanks in advance.


Regarding the high speed internet, Virgin are the fastest if you can get it in your area. The TVside of things isn't as good, their Tivo box can be quite slow, but the internet makes it worthwhile putting up with it for now

my BT tv is excellent. must be you're setup

depends on how much you want to spend a month

My BT service is fine, no speed or tech issues, but then I've set mine up as it should, maybe your location? Set up?

Also bear in mind that without BT broadband you'll pay a lot more for BT Sport, that is if you watch it of course.
BT Sport on BTTV is free on some packages or £3.50 from August 1st
BT Sport on Sky without BT Broadband is £22.99 plus an activation fee
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