Sky Digital £150 Cashback - what happened?????

    Disappeared from Quidco

    Gone from Topcashback

    Suspended from Rpoints

    Disappeared from others…tal

    That seems strange...

    Anyone on tradedoubler or similar know if its coming back?


    Maybe because people are trying to get cashback AND refer a friend at the same time, so they are losing out twice (3 times if you include the friend....)

    Original Poster

    I'm pretty sure Sky get good sales via online advertising though, so I'm wondering if they are just restructuring the scheme and bringing it back soon, which is what I'm hoping.

    Maybe if they stop being on these sites, and then start up again they will be mentioned (Sky returns to XXXXXX with cashback of XXX) on front pages of these sites, generating more customers?

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    Sky are plateauing on new customers, Freeview/Ca ble, who knows, as I understand it their financial year ends June 30th so retentions/deals get better in May/June to make the financial reports look good.

    I suspect it's going to become tiered though, £30 basic, £50 family, £100 sport, £130 sport and movies, £150 SkyHD etc or similar but the problem with that is people can upgrade/downgrade their TV packages month by month so we'll see of course, but I can't see Sky removing their affiliate schemes altogether.

    Just started on Affiliate Window a few weeks back, with a £400 bonus for first sale! I think that Sky may have jumped network, and qudico etc can't use AW.

    Sky are a offering a fantastic £400 bonus for any NEW affiliate that hasn't previously made any sales for Sky!

    Valid until 31st March 2008
    (Exclusions - this promotion is only valid to affiliates that have never previously generated a sale for Sky)

    On top of this fantastic incentive there is a very competitive commission structure, which is detailed below.

    Standard Sky Package
    1-5 sales - £40
    6-20 sales - £45
    21-60 sales - £50
    61+ - £55

    Standard Sky Package with
    Sky+ - £50
    Sky HD - £60

    Plus Broadband - add £10

    Sky Digital are also paying commission on customers that upgrade their Sky packages online. These include:

    Sky Broadband Upgrades
    Broadband Connect - £5
    Broadband Base - £5
    Braodband Mid - £15
    Broadband Max - £20

    Sky Talk Upgrades
    Sky Talk Freetime - £5
    Sky Talk Unlimited £5

    Product upgrades
    Sky HD - £15
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