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    Does anyone know of any good deals for new connections to sky digital other then the 3 months half price offer.



    Find someone who already has it and go for Sky Plus for no extra charge !

    I can tell you lots of stories that my friends or I have been involved in to "milk" the system, so to speak

    I.E. I haggled an upgrade from SKY digital to SKY+ for £49 plus £30 install instead of £99 and £60. After this they then didnt show on the agreed day so moaned again and got 1 month free (£43) plus 3 months half price (£64.50). So effectively earned out of the deal.

    My Friend wanted multiroom but they turned up without enought kit so they offered him SKY+ in both rooms for the same price !!!

    It appears the best thing to do is call them and be prepared to moan and haggle. E.G. Love Freeview and why should I get SKY, seem uninterested until you get the right deal :thumbsup:

    I got my sky+ box for free when we got sky and no installation charge as there was already a dish on our current home. We had loads of issues though when we first got it with signal and ended up having about 4 different sky+ boxes, last one was a month ago.

    A snotty email to good old Rupert Murdoch prompted Sky to call me back on the double with an apologies for there failings and gave me 3 months free viewing on my sky world package which was happily accepted.

    Best ive heard is the introduce a friend, the current 3months half price, or if your thinking about HD, its cheaper to get as a new customer than an existing one, and if you take multiroom they waiver the install fee.
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