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Found 15th Dec 2005
Hello, all. First post is a request, sorry!

I've moved into a new flat, and we have a sky dish and the previous resident has left his digibox, it's just a basic one, with card slots, but without a card. I assumed I'd be able to get a normal analogue signal from the sky box which I could then run a freeview decoder off - but no such luck, apparently.

I don't want to pay a monthly subscription, and Ideally I'd like to use a freeview DVR, but the aerial isn't a strong enough signal (I've tried an internal booster, and it seemed to only find about 10 stations - none of the main ones). Does anyone know any way that I can run a freeview decoder off a sky box, or if there's any other way to use a DVR with sky (that's not sky plus, due to the rather high subscription charges and initial payment)?

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You can most likely buy a digital satellite PVR (not a Sky+ box which require a monthly payment and/or subscription to Sky) which will be able to view and record the BBC and ITV channels, and a whole host of strange shopping and special interest channels.

To get Channel 4 or Five (and their associated channels), you will need to get a free to view card by calling Sky -- and a one off payment of £20 -- but this will only work in a Sky box and not an ordinary satellite receiver or PVR.

Hope this helps; sorry it's not the answer you wanted to hear, though!
ok, thanks for the answer! that's pretty much what i'd been told by the guys at work. so, i really need to see if a better freeview box will give me more channels from the rubbish aerial!
can't you just use the sky box without a card?

i'm only guessing here, but wouldn't you get all the free to air channels that sky don't charge for?

the more i type the less this seems likely, which begs the question how would i feel if i carried on.......
Ha ha that was funny. Karma points to you for making me laugh!!!. However I think you might be right I heard sumwhere b4 that you can get the free to air channels without the subscription. Perhaps I am also talking rubbish or retracing old steps. Jese mabye it's just this thread that makes us talk so much rubbish. Perhaps I too should cease typing so I will
I would recommend buying the Sony freeview box VTX-D800U. It is expensive, you can get it for ~£80, but it is fantastic value for money.
It is fast, has great sound and picture and best of all works with a relatively weak signal.
Buy one from a shop & keep the receipt, if you don't get all the channels take it back.
Also freeview has a lot more channels than Sky Freeview.
boxblu/Reaps - u can't view C4/E4/C5/More4 with the sky box with no card - which is v annoying, you can buy a card to get the extra channels, though (here) but that won't help me to get DVR without a subscription.

I think I'm going to try someone else's digibox and see if a better one might work. cheers, Flint.
if anyone cares, i'm planning to go the free-to-air route with a £20 card. which means no DVR for me ah well. thanks anyway, guys.
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