Sky Digital TV Quidco now £110

    New prices from 01/09/07:

    2 Mix: £17/month - £204/year

    4 Mix: £19/month - £228/year

    6 Mix: £21/month - £252/year

    6 Mix + Sports or Movies: £38/month - £456/year

    6 Mix + Sports and Movies: £45/month - £540/year

    Not including any SkyHD/Multiroom/premium added channels etc

    Sky+ is included (activation allowing ongoing Sky+ recording functionality) in all of those, the actual hardware I think is extra but cheaper to get it from ebay and give Sky the serial info for them to activate it fully, I think, would be wiser to have the Sky+ before installation to ensure any engineer feeds dual lnb sat feeds to where the Sky+ will be, if you let them just give you a digibox without a Sky+ there they'll only install 1 lnb sat feed crippling the Sky+.

    All the above which includes the free capped 2megabit adsl sky broadband I believe excluding any activation/hardware costs, £5/m for 8mbit unlimited and £10/month for 16mbit unlimited?

    Not to mention free install... for more...

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    I thought I was the resident Sky fan?
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