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One for the sattelite techies out there...

Recently during the bad weather, it would appear that our Sky sattelite dish got moved.

Asked SKY but they wanter £65 to send an engineer... So i have tried to reallign it myself which I managed to do with some success.

On channel 998, I get good pictures:
Input1 approx levels are: strength about 8/10 & Quality 7/10
Input2 approx levels are: strength about 7/10 & Quality 6/10

However, when I switch to channel 101 (BBC1), the signals drop:
Input1 approx levels are: strength about 0-4/10 & Quality 0-4/10
Input2 approx levels are: strength about 6/10 & Quality 5/10

I'm struggling to see why that would be, its the same wires... Same direction, So what changes? I have even tried different outputs from the LNB (It has 4) but its the same.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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Sounds like it's just out of alignment. You need to change to the problematic channel and get them right. The rest should follow.

If your sky box has a signal meter get someone to watch this for you whilst your up on ladders.

I did mine but I could get my signal meter from box via WiFi
Sounds like you've nearly got it sorted but I would have got back on to SKY and told them that you'll need to cancel then as you're unable to access any of their services, in my experience of having to have engineers a few times, dish problems , box problems etc. you find they will easily jump to a half price engineer visit but as long as you stand firm you will get them to come out for free.
I would call sky again and state simply that you are not getting any signal at all. Don't mention about the bad weather and that the dish had moved, let them send an engineer out to work that out for themselves. We have had the engineer out a few times and they never charged for anything, including the dish moving.
Do the cancellation thing they will talk about reducing the fee either to free or a small charge. It’s been a while but it used to be that you either got a picture or not and people could adjust them themselves so you might have another fault possibly with the LNB.
Thanks All
Sometimes the 'skew' of the LNB can affect the signal, so worth trying rotating that in its holder. Particularly if you feel you have good alignment....bearing in mind dish vertical tilt is equally as important as horizontal compass positioning for Astra 28.

Also check the line of sight from the dish...has any neighbouring trees or any new buildings come into play?
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It's a good point about the trees, especially at this time of year when they are in full leaf as this can have an effect that wasn't there over winter or even the year before as it can only take the tree to grow slightly and it will start to block the signal.
How about a satellite signal finder, something like This from screwfix
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Ive done a few Dish's in my time, heres a little tip that helps with the fine tuning once your locked on to the required Satellite.

either using a Sat Meter or just by looking at the Picture on the Screens Signal Strength, tape a 2p or 1p coin in the center of the LNB then fine tune it further for best Signal or Picture, that way after youve tightened up the bolts and removed the Coin you sure to be pretty much bang on where you need to be.

Also remember that by tighting up the bolts can move the Dish / LNB slightly as well, also when looking at the On Screen Signal a Digital Signal Strength can take a few second to catch up and read correctly so bear this in mind when adjusting.
When I fixed one I looked which direction my neighbors dish was pointed at...
100% signal quality
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