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Anyone done a skydive ? I'm supposed to be doing one later this year hence my current diet , just wondering about the weight limit and any other interesting information as I've heard it's 15 stone but someone told me that their brother actually got a bigger parachute on the day cos he was a about 16 stone . Like I said anyone who's done this you're experience would be really interesting to me , Cheers

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I did this when I was 20 years old. Needed to be 15 stone or less. But that was a tandem. Maybe different for other jumps. I used it for diet motivation haha. Ended up super fit, now just super fat.

Best bet is to contact the center and ask

P. S. Despite being well built and 6'1 at the time there was no weigh in

if they can drop a Jeep Grand Cherokee via parachute then I think you'll be okay.....…der

Yeah, I've done it before.

I think you should contact the centre where you plan to skydive with to check with them, some can accommodate more however it is dependent on the centre.

Most places say 15 stone for males and 13 stone for females tandem jump, we never had any weigh ins when I did mine few yrs back and looked like a few people pushing 18 stone did it. Only advice is be prepared for your ears popping and enjoy the experience it's truly amazing.

18 stone is generally the limit.

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Thanks for the replies , I'm really looking forward to it , I think oO ,


18 stone is generally the limit.

​Yes they needed put the limits up as the nations getting fatter .lol
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