why does sky send an engineer all the way from croydon when i live in aldershot cant see the logic in that one any sugestions


    nice travel claim

    Probably a lack of jobs in croydon and all the Aldershot fitters are busy.

    most sky fitters are self employed so they have to go where they are told.

    And have you heard about this guy in a red suit with animals. travelling on Xmas eve - now that puts Sky engineers in the 'good' column. I mean, Xmas eve, Red Suit, Red Hat, Rather Large frame, and makes the animals do all the leg work, adn he then claims they fly, looking for chimneys, and cookies - AND you know what, he gets in and has the cookies and Jack Daniels, the Reindeer, they are out, they are sensible and stay on the ground - not withour a good ladder, or else Claims For Breaking Nothing Solicitors, who are riding behind in case, but the reindeer are good, they will not risk injury.

    Bye for now everybody and have a good Xmas, please rep me, I need to buy some reindeer hoor trainers with built-in air-bag sensors, and air bags, or course.

    You go to the work, I have to travel from Newcastle to the scottish borders some days as a Openreach engineer. "If your marching you ain't fighting".

    And they all seem a bit well ar*eholes they are here now and everything is a problem FFS.


    Why do you care? As long as it gets installed?

    When they fitted mine, the guy turned up late and took 3 hours. He still had something like 4 other jobs to go to after leaving mine at about 4 in the afternoon!

    Did I care?

    Very true dime just cant be bothered with we cant do this we are not allowed to do that i but eff it in a couple of hours time sky sports hd will be at my

    What about santa, have you all got no comments on him - how sad, I am going to bed, wake me at midnight on the 24th.....
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