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Found 10th Dec 2006
I just wondered if it exists, and if not, why not!!

I've got a Toshiba 32wlt66 which has the freeview tuner built in. I'd like to get some sort of recorder that will let me record from an elctronic programme guide, record all the stuff I like that I have forgotten to set to record, and if possible, pause live tv like Sky+ does....

Does anyone have any recommendations as to what I should buy? I'd like to spend around £150.


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It's called a personal video recorder, or PVR. Don't think they can pause live TV, but they can certainly record it. I've seen ones upto 320GB. Argos sell them, as do many other places. Some are pretty reasonably priced too. Easier than messing about with VHS and DVD-RWs, lol.
Yes thay can pause live TV. I have one with freeview built in. Comes in handy to watch Christiano Ronaldo take a dive in slo-mo and then you can carry on watching the match.
I just bought the Techwood 160Gb Freeview Recorder from Maplin for £99.98 It's absolutely brilliant, and you can record to hard drive at the touch of a button from the Program Guide
I recommend anything around that price (indeed mine cost £150) from the Humax range. Mines just gone past the 2 years old mark and I don't know how I coped without it.

Humax was relatively unknown when I bought it and I was mocked by at least two of my friends when I revealed my amazing new gadget wasn't made by the usual suspects such as Panasonic/Sony etc. It has certainly made its mark in the PVR market now though
From what I hear you cannot go wrong with a Humax..they may be more expensive but have reliabilty..unlike the recent Aldi model that had very mixed reviews.
Thanks for all your replies. I think I'm going to add the Humax PVR8000t to my Christmas list.

If I record MOTD one week will it remember to record it in subsequent weeks?

Also, as I have the freeview tuner in my LCD can I watch the channel on the LCD and record on the Humax? I would of thought this wouldn't be a problem as it provides a different source??

Thanks again.
yeah, you will need to split your ariel to go to both tuners though! and then you just have to watch your Humax on one scart and the tuner in your telly on a different channel

yeah, you will need to split your ariel to go to both tuners though

If I attempt that myself it's the kind of thing that always goes wrong
Is this what you mean? :-

I would have though using something like that would realy degrade the signal quality?
Greg, if you can still get one, the Thomson DHD4000 is an excellent buy imo. I bought one from Argos in July & its brill.

There's already a thread about it - see here…son

This PVR has twin tuners so you can record one programme whilst watching another. You can also record 2 separate programmes & watch a recording!!

I think you can still get this from some Argos branches but you may need to ring stores direct as it doesnt appear on their website.
I install tv's etc for a living. All you need to do is purchase a recorder with built in freeview and you will be able to record freeview from the freeview built into your recorder and also watch any channel on your tv (if your tv has freeview, otherwise you woulod be stuck to watching analogue) using your tv's tuner. If you purchase a recorder without freeview built in you will not be able to change freeview channel whilst recording or you will automatically end up recording what you switch over to.

Just make sure your ariel is plugged into your recorder and you have an rf lead coming from your recorder to your tv. (You do not need a splitter). I would also scart this for greater playback quality and ease of use through the AV button on your remote control. Remember to read your instructions and then have a play with it to get familiar with the setup.

Personally I like the Panasonic equipment, it's easy to setup, easy to use and great quality, although at a price.
Thanks for the info beerman. What's an RF lead? I've heard of RGB, composite, Scart and HDMI, but not RF...

I also didn't know you could get recorders without the freeview tuner.

Thanks again.
RF is the basic aerial connection with the circular socket.
Yeah its just an ariel lead, old technology but still widely used.

Come to think of it, I have not done any hard drive recorders without freeview built in but mentioned it anyway as I am coming across a lot of dvd recorder installs lately and some have freeview built in and some don't.

So I have to explain to my customers that they have to watch the freeview channel they are recording if they bought a dvd recorder without freeview built in. (or obviously switch from freeview into analogue and watch one of the 5 normal channels).
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