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    Have moved my sky into another room and need a twin extension cable as sky+ requires 2 cables, only place i found one was on ebay but that was £30 and 30metres i only need roughly 15meters, thanks.


    My dad got one for ours from Maplin, not sure how much he paid but I think you could buy it by the metre or in a pkt.

    You can by the cable from places like Wilkos/B&Q by the metre.... I think both sell the male 'F' connectors too.

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    I tried maplin online but couldn't find the twin cable.

    I believe Maplin sell the coaxial cable but you need to buy the connectors seperately. Or sometimes they do actuql sky extension kits with all the bits you need in there

    do you really need the twin or can you make do with 2 lengths of single coax from wilkinsons

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    Not sure really

    i had sky already then upgraded to sky + so he just ran in another single cable, i think if you have sky + from the off they use twin because its quicker, but i have head that the twin cable is not as good so i would go with two single cables it works the same.

    just for the record mate you dont need a twin cable, you just need 2 identical cables as all it does it send 2 feeds into you sky+ box. They are independant feeds and not connected.

    I got 2 identical cables for moving my sky+ box into the garden for The world cup 2006, needless to say I didnt need them for Euro 2008. (McClaren you [email protected]@r)

    try here -]http//ww…tml and
    ]http//ww…tml you would need the right amount of cable and 4 f plugs and 2 couplers. do it yourself! - ]how to fit f plug advice

    I have done about 10 self installs now for people with (second hand box new dish and cabling)
    I usually go into branch to order as they usually give you the cheapest price for the items, your location isnt in your profile but check to see if there's a ]branch near you
    any probs pm me
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