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Sky External Static IP

Posted 30th Jul 2014
Does anyone know how I can get a static IP now that I am using SKY Broadband. Ideally I want sky to set it but dont think they wil do that so any other (free) ways to do this?

I used to be with Plusnet and this was a free service that they offered. I want this so that I can access my server and Plex account when away from the home?

Many thanks in advance.
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I am assuming you mean a Public Static IP rather than one on your internal network... i have been quite lucky with Virgin as they have very long lease times on the IP address.

But when i used to be on a BT based network, i used a service like dyn,com - which was supported in my Router, which basically updates the dyn record, with the current IP of your home connection... so for example. If you needed to plex you would:

http://yourpersonalurl.dyndns.com:32400/web and ensure you are forwarding connections from the interweb to the PC internally hosting that service...

Not sure what level of support you will get from your Sky Router to do this directly - but there used to be options for a bit of software that ran on a machine to do the updates for you.

Yes this is a Public IP I am after.
Dynamic DNS is what you're after. dyn.com is one I use although I don't think they have a free service any longer.
noip.com is one that's free but they've recently had problems with Microsoft so not sure how reliable they are at the moment.

A lot of routers have options built in for DynDNS, you put your credentials in and it updates automatically whenever your IP address changes. If your router doesn't have this, you can install a client onto a PC which does the same thing.
This is the reason that I am with plusnet - very few ISPs offer a static IP. Especially if you are looking at the cheaper end of the market.

For your purposes it doesn't sound as if you need to have a static, just that you need to know what your external IP is. Use one of the dynamic DNS services.
I will take a look at the services thanks.

Plusnet was awesome for all the features and I will miss them. I hate having to use Sky's Hub and be in breach of T's and C's if i dont. I have my own router and want to use it cos its better than theirs. If i have a problem and am not using their router then that my problem.

Anyway i will take a look tonight and see what I can set up.
sky do offer static IP address but only on broadband/fibre pro packages. Best thing to do is as already suggested, use something like DynDNS etc
The cheapest package at DynDNS charges $5 per month? Seems really steep!

The cheapest package at DynDNS charges $5 per month? Seems really steep!

I'm sure they have a cheaper option. There are free alternatives though so take a look at the likes of noip.com or duckdns.org
My sky router only supports DynDNS...bummer! I'm not paying $5 per month!
Sky only offer it on their Pro packages which are about £7.50 on top of the normal broadband prices

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