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Sky F5 Boxes - info / advice please

Posted 28th Nov 2014
Hi All - please can i have a bit of info please from any of the people in the know regarding Sky F5 boxes.

Ive noticed a seller on facebook near to me and lots of people seem to be snapping these up.

I currently have normal Sky TV and im generally paying £90 every month, to be quite honest its alot of money to us and were considering getting rid of sky totally.

I have been told these SKY F5 boxes can be bought for around £100 and it connects to the internet and you basically can get all Sky TV's channels ???

Surely it cant be that simple, Id like to know if anyone has one of these boxes and what are the disadvantages with them? As from a cost point of view they seem much cheaper than paying Sky £90 a month as i do at the moment.
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ive got 1 but the hd channels are down and have been for 6 month
What is the quality like when the HD channels are working?

To be honest we have just removed the HD channels from our sky package so i guess its no real shame as we no longer have them anyway.
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the hd is exactly the same as watching on sky
There's quite a few on amazon an ebay might be worth alook
Pretty sure the boxes are legal, but the software/free channels are not. I'm no "do-gooder", but be aware that you are always risking losing all your channels at any given point. Yes, you can pay for them again, but they can disappear again and so on.. It's not like you can ring and moan at someone about it

I'm with you that sky are robbing n0bjockeys, but I was put off the dreambox/sky f5's etc... Went for the cheaper xbmc option but if you're used to the sky epg I doubt you would like it
Hi - I already have a "nano box" my friend at work gave it me, it's excellent for films and also picks up some sports events, I'm no expert but it gets things like ice films and yiffy movies - but I was told the Sky F5 boxes are like replacements for Sky TV?
They work via card sharing, Loads of faffing about and you end up paying anyway.
I wish I understood more about these. Saw a Deambox for sale other day with a 12 month subscription to a free gift.
Does that mean free channels. Any help would be appreciated.
Yes they get all the same channels and more, i get some irish and also setanta.
The quality is perfect, although paid HD channels are gone forever. The only thing folk struggle with is the EPG, it's very basic and has to be updated every so often. Only the f5s has an epg though, the others dont so you would need a tv guide app on your phone/tablet to see whats on and when.

Next step up is the Linus boxes eg vu+ solo, these can record a channel while watching another, pause .etc and the EPG is great, but they are alot more expensive

for the price it's hard to complain though
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I got a f5 box would never go back to sky as its such a rip off. You can't tape nothing on it unless you get a external hard drive plus there is no tv guide. I would by one if I was you had mine for around a year now

I wish I understood more about these. Saw a Deambox for sale other day … I wish I understood more about these. Saw a Deambox for sale other day with a 12 month subscription to a free gift.Does that mean free channels. Any help would be appreciated.

Kind of. The gift you are paying for (in the cost of the box) is a 12 month subscription to a server that streams all of the channels you get through Sky. But as I mentioned before, whoever owns the server could take it down whenever they wanted - then you would have to pay for access again. Of course the 12 month subscription may well last 12 months,and if so, happy days, but if it doesn't you have no recourse.

They do sound good in principle, you pay your money you take your chance etc..

You also get the sky box office included like boxing and wrestling

Which box do I need?
had a f5 box they are great value, but back on sky now half price for a year plus we love all the demand stuff sky give you best thing about the f5 box is setnanta 3pm english kick offs on a sat
Judging by people's responses these F5 boxes sound even more appealing.
My basis of thought is that for the price for 2 months that im paying sky (180 quid), I could get one of these boxes which will last the whole year.
There are much better boxes than F5's. You should check out World of Satellite for some good Sky replacements. You can get twin tuner boxes with recording and time-shift features and decent 7 day programme guides. I could recommend the Vu+ Solo2 for something with all the bells/whistles you'll ever need. Even without card sharing, you will still have all the FTA programs. BBC1/2/3/4/ITV/CH4 do HD for free too.

Be warned though, setting up one of these boxes will take some time and they will never be as user-friendly as a Sky box. Do a lot of reading first.

Edit: After getting one of these boxes last month I cancelled Sky. They called me back within a week and offered me third off for 12 months and a £50 credit to give me time to think about it. I agreed, and will probably cancel again in January.
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Skybox F5S now Openbox V5S, standard box, does the job just fine!

Just trying to work out which box to go for, don't want too much setting up for my first box.

When you say "standard box" what do you mean?.

Also has anyone had experience with cloud ibox?.
He was referring to the skybox f5s which is now called an openbox fs5 (same box) it's the bog standard box. It will give you all of the channels but with none of the extras, no frills if you like
Thinking of getting the openbox v8s for starting out. Planning on using fullviewing you aside as recommended here but can anyone link me to info on what I need to do to get the subscription working, presume there's no card or anything?.
The F5 is the billy basic of boxes for this type of thing.

Getting something like a DM800SE opens up a lot more via plugins, such as IPTV, iOS airplay, Sky epg & a lot more
All up and running now with a cloud ibox 2 plus, working nicely. Just got a query on the gift, I bought 12 months but what happens if it gets stopped early. Do you lose out or will they give you another until the 12 months is up?.

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