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    Hello I'm looking at changing my current internet provider (talktalk) I'm wanting go with Sky Fibre.

    Just done a quick search but could only find cold deals or expired.

    Does anyone know any good deals going atm? Thanks


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    Contract ends this month and I'm on the normal internet, wanting to upgrade to fibre

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    Also talktalk are terrible i refuse to give them any more of my money

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    Im debating to go with either virgin or sky, just wanting to see what the best deals are atm

    I had fibre for a year but have downgraded to normal broadband unlimited, cheaper and I haven't noticed any difference, still use netflix, now tv etc.
    just costs £7.50 instead of £20

    I can't say anything about sky fibre, but I hated sky normal Internet, slow! I quit as soon as I could. Virgin fibre is cheaper and its perfect for me. Gaming, browsing, streaming, tablets, phones, tv, the lot.

    sky fibre unlimited is free for 6 months on the website...…ic/

    You might get a better deal if you ring them or live chat? Have you checked quidco/tcb?

    Express interest on live chat - then say you'll think about it! They will immediately come back and offer you a better deal rather than have you walk away...

    I was with sky broadband for a few years at least.
    Been on their fibre for about 2 years.
    I won't say I've never had a problem but overall I've found the service excellent.
    and if you are concerned about throttling and use caps then I suggest ordering sky.
    All depends on your needs I guess

    Speak to Sky Broadband cancellations. They'll do you a deal even if you don't have sky. They did for me
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