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Found 24th Aug 2017
Sky will now REFUND your home broadband bill if your speeds don’t match their estimates
Sky will refund your home broadband bill if the speeds don’t match
Sky will refund your home broadband bill if the speeds don’t match
SKY is offering a speed guarantee – dubbed Sky Fibre Max – that enables new customers to claim a full refund within the first 30 days if your broadband doesn’t deliver on Sky’s promised 55Mb download speeds.

Sky has announced a new broadband scheme that guarantees 55Mb download speeds for new customers.

If the broadband firm fails to deliver own its promised speeds, it will refund customers within the first 30 days of activation.

As well as claiming their money back, new customers will have the option to move to the next best Fibre product at no extra cost and pay less on their monthly subscription.

Alternatively, Sky is allowing customers to cancel their broadband and talk contract and walk away with no early termination charges.

The new scheme is called Sky Fibre Max.

It guarantees new Sky sign-ups a download speed to the Sky Hub of at least 55Mb.

Customers looking to check their download speeds should carry-out a speed-test with Sky’s own broadband checker, accessed through the customer portal or companion smartphone app.

Speed Guarantee joins a slew of features available to those signed up to Sky Broadband, including Sky Talk Shield – a free call-screening service that lets customers block unwanted calls, Sky Broadband Shield – an online tool that allows customers to block adult content online, as well as protecting against phishing and malware-infected sites.

Sky broadband contracts also come with access to the Sky Broadband Tech Team – a dedicated specially trained team who are on hand to resolve most problems online or on the phone and will even visit customers’ home if needed.

The Sky Fibre Max Speed Guarantee is only available to new Sky Fibre Max customers with Sky Talk and Line Rental.

Sky Fibre Max is available to 64 per cent of UK homes although speeds will vary based on location, Sky has confirmed.

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I bet it's based around ethernet connection speeds rather than wireless which is fair enough. The fun and games will start if a user purchases a 3rd party router in the quest of achieving better wifi throughout the home
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....sky's OWN broadband checker....
What's the betting it gives a faster reading than other broadband speed checkers?

Or am I being cynical?
Edited by: "mrty" 24th Aug 2017
They once told me I could get a solid 16Mb down at my address, this was a few years ago (2014) before Fibre was in our area - Turns out according to BT the max at the time was 2Mb and according to our neighbour joined on its more like 1Mb. One good thing about being in a Virgin Cable area (assuming your area is not over subscribed) you get every single Mb of your download speed, I'm paying for 80Mb and get more like 84/85 constantly on a wired or solid 5Ghz connection with the S/Hub 1 in Modem mode. Shame its still capped at 5Mb up.
Good way of getting new customers to sign up to their most expensive fibre option , then them having to downgrade to the package that fits their actual speeds.

I used to get 38mbps with sky but now only get 18.

sky support were useless saying the speed checkers showed low readings as I had tablets & phones consuming the other bandwidth, despite them all being turned off!
The way I read the caveat on the advert on the TV was that if they detected 55MB just once within the 30 days you were covered.
If it subsequently settled down to 10MB you wouldn't get a refund or option to move to a lower package.

But I'm surely being far too cynical.
most other providers are part of OFCOM's voluntery code of practice for speed anyway, so when you order the confirmation will tell you the minimum guaranteed speed and if you dont get it you can walk, so this is nothing new from Sky
Or if you don't get minimum 55Mb download speed then refund your money and you get to keep the speed you are getting free of charge.

I've been with sky fibre for years and been happy with the speed and service, but I don't see how sky are doing anything exceptional here?
Ive got sky fibre & was promised 40mb which is exactly what my router gets but because the channels are overloaded my wifi speeds drop down regularly to below 10mb sometimes as low as 2mb. They also told me it would be suitable for 10 devices? To obtain decent wifi speeds i would need to buy their dual band router @ £70. Spend more money. I wouldn't trust the fibre max deal (or buying the dual router) as i suspect they'll oversell that too.
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