sky fibre using another router

    Hi, i currently own the sky fibre sr-102 router however its range is shocking! Also, i dont seem to be getting more than 15mbs even though i pay for the 40mbs package. I want to know if theres another router i could buy to increase the mbs and range. Could anybody please help! Thanks


    First of all make sure you are getting more than 15Mbps by connecting with an ethernet cable directly to the router and running the speed test.

    Also what router have you used in the past to know that any other router will give you better range, you may be better off with power line adaptors if you trying to reach a really far part of the house and setup an ethernet wireless router at the other end.

    yeah you can turn off wifi in ur sky router and buy a any router on the market and it should work.

    if ur using the sky hub then it's from 2013 and wireless N. the modern wireless routers use AC. so make sure you buy an AC router.

    I find the range of my Sky router sr-102 is fantastic, It still works 10 meters away from my house and everywhere in my house, although only plasterboard walls, Million times better than Virgins superhub.

    Have you tried changing wireless channel?, Updating your wireless drivers and trying a different device?.

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