Sky go and Samsung DEX

Posted 5th Jan 2018
if anyone has access to both are you able to check if sky go is available on there to be streamed? over usb it's DRM blocked (I believe) also bt sport if anyone has that on their phone (the ee version)
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Found this article on a german website (translated)

Full integration with the Google Play Store allows all apps on the interface to be opened and used. However, it quickly becomes apparent which applications already have an adaptation for DeX and which are not. Although streaming apps from Netflix or Sky Ticket can be started and used, but only in a smaller window and not in full-screen mode, which makes Samsung DeX practically useless as a smart TV replacement. The multitasking works great and very smooth. It's not a problem to have multiple apps side by side in windows. However, the non-active apps are paused so that, for example, it is not possible to surf the web at the same time as streaming the favorite series.
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