Sky Go to be removed from consoles unless you pay £5/month for Sky Go Extra

    From 29th July you won't be able to access Sky Go on the Xbox 360. Sky Go Extra is £5 a month unless you have multiroom.

    Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.


    I don't even use it I have two licenses and about 12 devices that can use it at any one time and the faff to delete the last used device is pain so I just ignore it.

    LOOK don't get shirty about this, Rupert Murdoch has been really down on his look, down to his last few billion and Kay Burly aint speaking to him!

    Sky go is c88p anyway. They are only making a Billion a year profit so need to rake in more cash.


    Another awful case of greed by that company. Ditch them. Get on Freesat, save fortunes.
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