Sky have just phoned me...

    Offering theyre 16 mb "unlimited" broadband service, should i take it? and is it any good?

    Was thinking about "be".

    Who should i connect with?


    I was with ukonline but since sky bought them over they were crap. I havent been with sky but im with and they offer a great free wireless router too. I also download about 300-500 gig a month with be no probs. There UPTO 24mb is a little nonsense same with sky's UPTO 16 mb but i do get about 16mb which is really good considering i stay 1km from the exchange

    There also doing a referral offer 1 month free pm me if your interested.

    I wouldnt if I were you for the simple reason that i have done it myself only to find out later that if you join their broadband it's linked and it RENEWS your Sky TV contract so you cant leave their TV package or "threaten to leave" for example to get a better deal because they have got you on the Broadband contract. Their CS is notariously bad and this gives them another "weapon" to hold on to you without giving you anything extra/ other benefits in return.

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    Yeah i download a lot , im with AOL theyre biggest package, its been really slow lately and still more expensive than other's.

    Does the wireless router have ethernet ports? we have2 360's in the house and 2 pc's and dont really want to have to buy adapters for them all!

    PM sent btw!

    I'm with Be (22mb unlimited service) and had no problems. Got free wireless router.

    I emailed their CS recently and they got back to me in 2 hours - so they have been good so far. I'm about to move house so will see how things go...

    There is no 12 month contract either, just 3 month notice to cancel. Am happy with my choice, just hope it continues.:-D

    It will do - O2 have taken over Be, so expect them to start offering it with phone packages in the near future

    but for how much?
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