Sky HD Box Info?

Found 7th Apr 2008
Hey all, a bit stuck on something.

I think my sky hd box has an RF out on it, but can I connect this to another tv and tune that tv into whats on the sky hd box?

Basically I need to watch the sky box in another room, but through rf. Is this right?

Many thanks to all !


Your SkyHD does have another RF outlet on it.. You need to turn this on for it to work through the installers menu..

On your remote press services..
Then 4 system set up
Then press the zero and then 1 than select..
This will get you into the service menu..

Number 4.. RF outlet power supply.. switch on and save new settings..:thumbsup:

Original Poster

ooh ok. thanks for that. excellent piece of info!!

Edna _ Clouds is refering to the RF2 outlet and this need only be turned on if using a tv link to control the box for changing the channels, if your just running a coaxial cable without tv link then connecting to rf1 will do but you cant change channels at the other tv for your sky box, or use a sender receiver no cable runs needed just connect to scart connections.

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yer i dont need to use the tv link thing. Just copy whats on the skybox c. !
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