Sky HD Box slower than a dead tortoise wearing concrete boots ?

Found 22nd Nov 2011
This may be of some use to someone.

Over the past month or so I noticed that my Sky HD box was very (very) sluggish when trying to navigate the menus.

Doing anything was a nightmare with the selector jumping too far then freezing / refusing to budge - we deleted the wrong thing a few times :-(

I tried everything to sort it -, forced an EPG update, System rebuild etc but nothing worked.

Finally after a fair bit of googling I discovered that Plasma TV's can cause similar "symptoms" if the Sky HD Box is too close to it.

We bought a new Plasma just over a month ago......

As my box was directly under the TV with the DVD player / AV unit /Media Player under it I moved the Sky box onto the floor and tried the Remote.

Well jiggle my bits if it didnt solve the problem completely - The box has a new lease of life and navigating the menus is now not now as difficult as threading my Camel boots through the eye of a needle (or something like that).

Then followed 2 hours of unplugging everything, moving it all around (ensuring Sky box is on the bottom of bottom shelf). Why so many wires ???

Short version of this story is - Plasma TV's can interfere with Sky HD boxes remote control - keep them well apart.
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I don't have either, but tbf VERY GOOD ADVICE!!
Blimey! Will try and remember that for when I buy a plasma next year.

I have a Sky+ box which can get a bit sluggish over time, not to the extent you mention, which I solve by removing the power cable for a minute or two and then re-inserting.


Good tip, one that many wouldn't normally think about.Your sky box … Good tip, one that many wouldn't normally think about.Your sky box shouldn't have many wires, just power, hdmi (or other video out) and the sat cable, anything else is unneeded.

Your right - the sky box doesnt have many wires but when you factor in the additional:

HD-DVD player
Blu-Ray player (which is also hooked up to home network)
Media Player
Nintendo Wii

And then try to connect them all via the seperate AV Amp & its surround speakers.

Then you can see why it wasnt a 2 minute job :-)

I suppose the excessive number of wires are a self inflicted injury

Edited by: "Tomb" 22nd Nov 2011

Nope, if you you include everything we have about the same, just one of … Nope, if you you include everything we have about the same, just one of the 'perks' of the hobby. If you don't have a component cable for your wii (and are using composite still) I'd recommend one, are about £2 on ebay and make a decent difference to the picture.

Yep - its amazing the difference it makes.

Really odd that Nintendo dont include a component cable in the box - most folk probably just use the included composite without realising how cheaply they can improve the picture.
Still loving my speedy sky box.

Simple things pleasing simple minds & all that :-)
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