Sky HD decoder


    do excuse me if some of you find my questions are just too rudimentary and basic.

    I have a sky + installed but no longer subscribe to SKY. Can I just buy a Sky +HD decoder from ebay and connect to the existing cable to be able to view HD channels?

    I do not need the recoding facility on the decoder

    If the HD decoder does has a viewing card, can I substitute that with a Sky + viewing card?

    Thanks and appreciate yr input


    To be on the safeside, Pay for freesat sky, its a one off £25 for the card if you've got the equipment and you'll get more channels (inc HD) than you would from using sky without a subscription.


    Original Poster

    thanks a lot, didnt know tht even exists.

    To be honest niether did i until i got the digital switch over leaflet through my door a couple of days ago. Glad to help
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