Sky HD for current customer

    I am currently a sky + customer. I am thinking about getting Sky HD. Is anyone aware of any offers they may have for current subscribers ( i am out of my 12 month contract). Would they know that i live in a NON virgin area, as I was considering calling them and telling them i was thinking about leaving to go to Virgin for their HD service.

    What are your thoughts?


    Yes they'd know

    only real way to get a decent offer such as a free box is to cancel youyr contract and get a new one in your partners name

    I put a post on here the other day - not sure if it's still on or deleted as a duplicate - anyway as an exisiting customer in an area about to switch over to Digital, Sky have sent a letter offering a FREE SKy+HD box.
    Still have to pay al lthe other stuff - £30 install and have to take multiroom for a year - but it's the cheapest for existing customers who don't want the bother of going down the cancel route / reapply under another name etc etc.
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