Sky+ HD Good deals?

    I am already a sky customer and after looking online and speaking to Sky, the best deal I could find was £99 for a Sky+ HD box (which I don't mind paying) plus £60 installation (which I do mind paying!) Is this as good as it gets or does anyone know a way to get it cheaper? I was hoping to ditch the installation charge! Thanks everyone!


    give them some threat about leaving and getting Virgin HD, they should then offer some kind of deal...hopefully, just try and play the game!

    I went for the upgrade via QuidCo, got £15, also got £15 on-bill credit (was an offer on) and then once it was installed (already had Sky+) I phoned up and moaned about the installation fee as the guy was there for 1 minute and I undid the cables as he did not understand my AV setup.
    5 minutes later installation fee refunded.
    Just make the call to customer support but only speak to the Scottish based people as they can help, the Indian call centre is 110% useless and will cut you off if you ask a difficult question.

    Hope that helps.


    A couple of years ago I upgraded to Sky + and was in the same situation - Sky wanted 100 pound + installation. I ended up buying a Sky+ box off ebay for about 30 quid, a load of cable and a 4 way LNB.

    I swapped out the LNB, ran a cable alongside the existing one, drilled a new hole into the house and plugged it into the Sky+ box. I needed to contact Sky to change my package to support Sky+ and that was about it. I'd never attempted to do anything like that before and didn't have a problem doing it.

    Can't see any reason you can't do that with Sky+ HD as my understanding is its the same system pretty much with a fancier box.

    I tried to get my folks an upgrade to Sky+ and despite several calls they simply wouldn't waive the installation fee so they didn't get this as a crimbo present. Sky get £60 from me a month plus what my folks pay & we have been customers for years. Existing customers don't count, but cancel & you can guarantee all manner of offers 3/ 6 months down the line to come back.....................

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    Thanks everyone for your speedy response. It annoys me too that loyal customers are not rewarded with the best deals. The daft thing is, once I have the box that is another £120 a year to them so why the fuss over £60! Oh well, guess it is either DIY (te he I am no good at that sort of thing!) or stick with standard Sky+

    Cancel and get reccommend a friend - you get the sky+ HD box subsidised, free or cheap installation and the recommender gets £50 M&S vouchers.
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