Found 11th Jan 2009
I am interested in Sky HD, i was just wondering if anyone knew of any deals as im not interested in paying £60 for the installation.

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It's currently £99 for the box and £30 installation.

That's the cheap bit. The expensive bit is the £55 a month.:evil:

to be honest i dont think u will get away with free installation which ever deal u have , theres also £10 a month etxra for hd altho i might be wrong on that

thinks back to the days when he first had sky, it was £19.99 for everything lol sports n movies how things change lol

I've got Sky HD. It's an extra £10/month. You WILL NOT avoid installation costs, but sell your old Sky+ box and card to offset these charges. If you then want Sports and Movie packs as well then this is where your monthly cost really cranks up. We only have the Family Pack and HD for about £32/month.


Take a look at this if you dont want a contractlink … Take a look at this if you dont want a contractlink

you still need to pay after 2 months, After 2 months, you will continue to receive Sky TV 4 pack, Sky Movies 1, Sky Sports 1 (£37) and HD pack (£10) for £47 / month. Let us know before your 2 month trial is up if you no long wish to receive Sky TV

You will still be able to watch over 200 free digital channels including BBC HD and Channel4 HD which are available without subscription
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