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    Hi there i have SKY HD for about the last year but they still havent got many channels :x

    my question is if i cancel the SKY HD package which i think they charge £10 a month for will i still be able to use my HD box to receive my normal sky as per normal??????

    if not is there any tricks i could use to get it cheaper as im also thinking of cancelling the movies since its all changed



    You will have to keep your HD sub for 12 months , after that you can cancel it . You will continue to recieve all your normal Sky channels for whatever subscription you have (you will also still recieve BBC HD as it's free)
    As for getting Sky cheaper you can try phoning and cancelling , sometimes they will offer you a deal , but sometimes not.

    If you have had it for 12 months then you can call and cancel your HD subscription. This will reduce the bill by £10 a month and you will stop having the HD channels but everything else will be the same.

    Cant see them offering you any deals, however you could call cancellations and say you want to cancel sky completely, when asked why explain that you have paid £120 over the last year, as well as the price of the HD box, and yet there are hardly any HD channels and you do not feel that you have had your moneys worth.

    They may offer you something to stay with sky, even if you drop the HD subscription.
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