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I'm upgrading to Sky +HD next week and have a question about the cabling arrangement. Currently, I've just got basic Sky (not Sky+) so only have one cable running from the dish to the box. This cable runs from the dish. through the outer wall of the house, under floorboards then up through the floor in the living room behind the tv and into the sky box. I went into the crawl space and fed the cable through for the initial Sky installation years ago when the engineer came out. I realise that i'll need a new dual core or 2 separate cables for Sky + HD but was wondering if the engineer will give the ok for me to feed the cables through the crawl space again. I know it says on the Sky website now that they won't install under floorboards due to health & safety, but if I do it, not the engineer, will it be ok? Anyone else had a similar setup problem?

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It will most likely depend which 'engineer' comes out on the day.
Some are far more helpful than others.


feed the proper spec cable leaving plenty of spare, and unterminated, and you wont have an issue, the engineers jobs will already be half done!

do make sure you get the proper cable and not just cheap coax


It's up to the engineer but i have a similar setup and he was more than happy for me to feed the cables under floorboards, (but they are not allowed to help).

So i reckon you should be fine.

Ask em at the start of the instalation so you can be doing that whilst he is replaceing the dish / lnb

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Cheers, much appreciated

Yep, when i got HD installed i needed to reroute the cables. The sky engineer just installed the box and cables and left loads of extra cable so i could rewire at my leisure

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The guys that installed mine (not sub contractors) were very helpful. I have nearly exactly the same scenario as yours - only issue was I don't have a crawl space and have hardwood flooring on top of original floorboards.

They helped me try and pull the old cable though attached to the new one, but we couldn't do it. In the end they slung the cable over the roof to the other side and went through the wall.

Good luck.
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