sky hd new sub under another name !!

    i cancelled my sky hd and finishes on the 1 march 2009 ,and then i saw the quidco £100 for sky hd and £49 new box install ,so online i have gone through the process in another name and had the order accepted online but will this just get cancelled when they see what i have done cheers


    Possibly, if you've used the same name / bank account as your old Sky account.

    I think Sky only class customers who left over 12 months ago as 'new'/

    I got Sky HD on the natwest 1/2 price for a year offer for new customers, but had sky before. No problems so far, but I dread phoning sky in case they cotton on. I phoned up when it was installed cos they forgot to turn on sky anytime and sky+. They actually went into my old record first and then when they worked out it was wrong they didn't say anything.

    I reckon you'll be fine, after all you're still lining their pockets every month. Worst case i guess is that they might refuse your quidco? Bad Times!

    They will either put it through, cancel it or maybe even take you to court for attempted fraud. All three are possible.

    Before you order a new HD box be warned about what might be in store for you. Sky customer service is hopeless. Which has just resulted in me cancelling my entire Sky service instead of upgrading to HD. I tried to order this online when the offer came out, they couldn't complete online is I had to phone them, so I missed out on the discount of £10 for the first month's HD service.

    Then their engineers failed to turn up to three separate installation appointments, including a PM appointment on Valentine's day. WHen I phoned to find outwhat was going on the Sky customer services tried to phone the installation contractor who put them on hold for 15 minutes and wouldn't speak to them. I was told there was nothing they could do and to phone back in the morning.

    I phoned this morning to be told that apparently I was booked in for an AM appointment on Monday, which is a lie as I would never have agreed to an AM appointment. Upon checking my details they had the wrong postcode for me on their system despite me correcting it on the phone with them twice so my installations were being assigned to the wrong region. The next available appointment would be SIX WEEKS ! So having wasted three days of my time they now wanted me to wait another six weeks.

    I asked to be put through to cancellations, they offered to waive the installation fee of £30 but could not install sooner than six weeks. So given that I needed a quick installation to replace a dying Sky+ box (my 3rd incidentally) there was little point in staying with Sky with a service that continually fails to record programmes. I've cancelled, the kids will be upset but they will just have to live without Disney channel. I don't think I've ever come across a company that treats it's existing customers so poorly.
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