sky HD or Virgin - want all the channels - which is best value?

    sky HD or Virgin - want all the channels - which is best value?

    Ive been debating for ages which to get, they seem to offer exactly the same offers, im also planning to get a HDTV, and i belive virgin are doing that offer 300 quid off.

    sky have a HD box but does virgin have one?

    i want all the channels as well as broadband and phone, surely there must be a good deal?

    swaying towards Virgin as could use the 300 quid off an LG tv. and ill also get free setanta.

    But skys HD box is making the choice hard


    Sky have the best tv, more hd channels if you have a big telly ie 40+" skyhd is a must. I have virgin v+, phone and broadband.Tv very unreliable ,phone fine and the best broadband is now traffic managed so terrible and the worst customer service in the world. On the plus side free setanta football, video on demand is great and i got a out of this world deal with the rentions department for moving from sky. Two different companies sky like next and virgin like premark.

    as a Virgin user i'm completely hooked on their on-demand service, it like having a huge DVD boxset collection for free - just been watching the complete 1st series of Lost.

    the broadband service is good, i'm only currently using their 2mb service, since it's unlimted i've really got my money's worth with all the filesharing stuff i do - i've tried their larger sizes but you don't really notice much difference between a 2mb service and a 20mb service - it's probably because i use a wireless router however.

    I don't know about new users but after a year it's quite easy to haggle for deals. I've just haggled for them to give me line rental + unlimited landline calls (XL) - the basic TV and broadband for only £19 per month.

    i agree vod great when it works but the broadband is only unlimited after 12 midnight till 4 pm.

    virgin media vip pack....go on the virgin media site and look for it....I have it and its great no problems for me

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    Hello everyone, thanks for the replys so far, ive just seen in the paper that signing up for sky will get you 300 quid off a phillips tv in currys, (basically the same promotion as virgin with 300 quid off LG's) i think i might go for the sky, everyone seems to say virgin are unreliable,

    so shouls i def get over 40" tv then to fully appreciate the skyHD?

    any suggestions from the phillips range? are phillips any good????

    It depends where your priorities lie as to whether to go for sky or VM.

    If you want HD content and Sky One/two/three....if these are important to you then go for Sky,they also have more channels than VM,though as to the quality I am not too sure.

    If broadband is important I would say go for VM.....faster speeds can be had and the service is unlimited,though they reduce the speed if you download over a certain limit.

    If sport is important go for VM also as you get free Setanta channels.

    Decide what is more important for you and make you decision that way.

    For the record,I am a VM customer(previously Telewest) and have had good service from them.No problems EVER with my broadband,I have the V+ box which I think is fab(better than the sky+ box imo due to being able to record 2 channels and watch a 3rd).....I think the VOD service is good and I like the catch up service which I use fairly regularly.Not having sky1 or sky news is of no concern to me,though I appreciate it may be for others.

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    well sport is a big priority, so free setanta will come in handy. broadband really isnt a big deal, ive got 2MB at the moment and its fast enough.

    HD content might just swing this one skys way, id wanna be able to get the best out of my HDTV.

    hmmm i think ill go check out what phillips tv i can get 300 qid off

    ive noticed that the packages that both companys offer are very similar especially the prices.
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