Sky HD / Sky upgrade in general (help please)

    Evening all.

    I've been trying to sort out my Dad's Sky for him.

    He's been with them for about 9 years and pays £39 /month - that's a standard box ( not sky+ ) with Sports and most of the entertainment mixes. He now wants HD, and is willing to go with sky for broadband if it helps, but has been quoted £210 for the box and setup, then £48/month for the subscription PLUS £17(!!) per month for broadband.

    Personally I think this is a rip off, and I'm sure a new customer would fare better (?) - Anyone got any tips? Should he cancel then reorder?

    Thanks in advance chaps and chapettes


    Phone them and tell them that you plan on leaving as Virgin have offered you a much better deal (just make something up) and they will usually offer you a retention deal which are generally beter than the new customer deals if he has been a good customer for so long he should get a very good deal.

    You can haggle them aswell but don't go to ott

    New customers get SkyHD for £99 - ]http//pa…99/. (Edit: Actually, it seems that finished on the 30th June...)

    I tried emailing sky to see if they could offer me a similar deal, as I currenly use them for Line Rental, Calls, Broadband, and TV... here is their response:

    "Our agreement with you is to provide viewing services of your chosen viewing option and this we have done. Sky does make available promotional offers to new and past customers. However, long-standing active customers are also invited to upgrade their viewing option from time to time in response to promotional marketing mailings, which are issued. We do not consider our policy to be unusual in comparison to many major service providers, our aim is not only to provide excellent viewing services to our customers, but also to ensure that new business continues to be improved.

    I can advise that marketing projects are on going and involve several different promotional offers. These projects cover a wide range of area codes, therefore, you may possibly receive a promotional offer at a future date."

    So nothing about me being able to have the same deal, then?!

    >willing to go with sky for broadband if it helps

    If it helps what (or who)?

    I see no reason why he has to do anything with Broadband if all he wants to do is upgrade to Sky HD. So whatever Sky suggest tell them he does not want to change his broadband.

    I believe Sky HD is £10 more than normal Sky so his monthly payment will go up from £39 (not sure why they say £48 as that is only £9 extra).

    If you look at the Sky upgrade web page here is say the cost of the "box" is £150 and £60 set up cost so that is where the £210 comes from.…u5f

    Note that there are "only" 18 HD channels (and some of them are Movies and it looks like he has not got Movies) so to be honest he may be waiting for a bit till the price comes down or there are more channels.

    >Should he cancel then reorder?

    You cannot cancel and reorder as they will still have his name and address on record so when he tries to order as a "new" customer they will spot it right away (they are not that stupid !!).
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