SKY HD - What's the script?

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Found 21st Jan 2008
What's the story with SKY HD? The deal community seems to be confused by murdochs plan coming together!

Either way, I cant find after some searching much in the way of a definitive best deal. There's chat about Curry's, and PMs being sent, deleted posts, back doors to sky websites... I could go on....

What I really want to know is -

Is sky hd worth it? (how many channels are actually hd)
Should I just get sky plus? virign media? or should I just stick with freeview......

and of course - what prices have people paid in the past, and what is the best deal at the moment?


Personally i would avoid Vigin, i have had nothing but problems since the handover from NTL, all their customer services are in india its impossible to resovle anything, they over charged em again and agina for things i didnt ask for.

Serously dont use virgin

Im with sky and i got a deal through this site for a half price HD box which has since expired. The HD subscription is £10 a month for just the HD channels which are : channel 4 HD, BBC HD, skyone HD, sky arts HD, luxe tv HD, sky movies HD1, sky movies HD2, sky sports HD1, sky sports HD2, discovery HD, national geographic HD, history hd, sky box office HD1, sky box office HD2.

you only get the sports and movie hd channels if you subscribe to a package with sports and movies. Hope this helps

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Thanks for your answers so far. I've managed to find old booking engines for SKY putting it at 299 still, as well as 199, I remember the currys thread at £129 which is good price terriotory. i guess they had to get sign ups for the end of the year, there seems to be no decent deals at the moment. kind of annoying, i dont pay full pricec for anything these days... except pints.

phone them and go through to the cancellation dept. tell them you want to cancel because virgin media are offering you a cracking deal for hd and they will offer you a deal.

i got a brand new sky+ box by doing this should have been £200
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