sky hd wireless video sender

    Can anyone tell me how i can watch sky hd on one of my bedrooms upstairs? i don't want cables all over the place so would like wireless.

    I have seen this one on ebay http://****…2af
    is this what i need?



    use a scart socket video sender and receiver, this will transmit but only receive as a normal picture but work ok

    i got sender from argos but when it was switched on it affected my internet connection

    Wont those magic eyes work just the same with HD? I have one for the kids bedroom but theyre signals from the standard sky+ box in the front room

    I have been using this for the past year without any issues. Obviously you don't get HD quality but depending on how far apart the sender and receiver are, the picture is very good.


    Keep in mind that a lot of the Digital senders use the same frequency as devices such as; Playstation 3 and Xbox360 for communicating with their controllers. If you have such devices in the house then you will want to turn them off at the mains in order to decrease interference. If you do find that there's a lot of interference from other devices, you might want to search for some 5Ghz Digital senders instead. Just some advice from my own experience.
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