Sky mum just won't flamin listen lol

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Found 20th Mar 2010
Ok guys please explain this to my mum, doesnt matter how many replies there is on this thread as it will just make her realise she is wrong lol

She is reading the Sun magazine and says that Channel 4 listing says Channel 4 HD
there is no other listing for this channel which is making her think that the channel 104 is in HD and also 140 is in HD.

Please, please tell her that 104 is in SD (standard def) and Channel 4HD is in HD (high Def) she just can't get round to the fact that the channels are broadcast as different quality. She also says she can't see any difference in the channels lol
I called here last night when "Place in the sun was on" they were both on channels 104 and 140 and the picture on our Toshiba was amazing and clear (140) but she says no difference lol

thanks all

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will explain to her when i pop down later

If she is reading the Sun then maybe the concept is too tricky for her to understand ;-)

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The sun mag which is in the paper every weekend

Surely you can just ask her to explain why there would be two identical channels? If all else fails, just get her to count the pixels on each channel

It's like me trying to show the wife the difference when the football is on between hd and sd, she can't see any :?


Heres how you prove it : Buy an ]octopus

For get channel 4 and try tune into ITV should be bit different!!! :thumbsup:

Have an idea take a picture of sd channel and hd then print both pictures out then show it her this way!.

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lol don't think the camera will be able to convince her :P

they are definatly the same, i have 20/20 vision


If she has bad eye sight she won't be able to tell the difference. Suggest to get her eyes tested.

Well if you told her all that and she is still clueless then there isn't much hope for her. Time for the care home.

Does it really matter? If she is happy watching Channel 4 in SD or HD and she cannot tell the difference, perhaps she is the wise one, no need to pay Murdoch for HD.:thumbsup:

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That's what I'm telling her now lol

SD on sky is meant to be crap.

TBH on virgin I have real difficulty telling them apart - because the SD is upscaled to 720p by the V+ box (I imagine Sky HD is the same, but I've heard bad things), so you are comparing a 720p broadcast (which would prob be an upscaled SD picture) with an SD image upscaled to 720p by the V+ box
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