Sky + help needed please !

    Hi, before i call sky and order a HD box, i wonder if anyone could answer the following... If i kept my sky + box, could i get a HD freeview box and use them in tandem? I dont really fancy being ripped off again by sky, but i want HD and dont seem to have much choice.

    Thanks in advance



    No they will conflict,Tell them your going to leave and get yourself a hd freeview box instead, Odds are they will offer you discount
    I told them I was going to leave and got the sky plus box free ages ago.

    you will need to subscribe £10 per month to recieve hd programs


    Not sure what you are trying to do here?

    Are you still going to subscribe to sky? If you dont, you lose the functionality of sky plus to record.

    Yes, you can use both of the boxes in tandem. However you will need an extra cable from your existing dish and LNB. This will give you some HD channels, but none of the sky ones.

    you will need to take out a new subscription to sky to get the deal for the HD+ box, my brother had to do this for HD its £10 a month, you could get your other box linked to another room not sure if they will charge you £10 for multi room and £10 for your sky +.
    give them a call and see what they can work out for you.

    We have just ordered a Sky HD box to replace our standard box, we will be using the old box in a bedroom and sky will install it as part of the HD installation but our monthly payments will increase by £10 for the HD and £10 a month for the multiroom, oh and they will not install until after Christmas because we are an existing user, would have been before Christmas if we were new. I hate Sky!!!:x


    Best thing to do, is to say you want to cancel and then let them offer you a nice package to stay. I know several people who have done that, and it has worked a treat.

    Just phoned up to cancell. Said i wanted to go to virgin. Gave me a hd box installed for £99 and three months free hd package!
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