SKY + Help needed, sound fault?

    Hi all, I have had SKY+ for just over 13 months and the sound has started playing up. (Past 2 weeks)
    I would say approximately every ½ hour the sound disappears. This even happens on programmes which I have recorded. Turning SKY off and back on has no affect. If I turn the TV off and back on the sound comes back. This only happens with SKY. I can watch TV without SKY on without any problems.
    Has anybody else had this problem? Can it be resolved?
    Out of coincidence, if it makes any difference we had a new TV about a month ago LG32


    Sounds like a fault with the TV , not the sky box, if the sound comes back on when you power cycle the TV.
    Make sure the SCART leads are well pushed in, if they are try another scart socket.

    Sorry to sound obvious but, plug the sky+ box into another tv and monitor the sound for a couple of hours, that should help find out where the problem is.

    Hope it helps.

    Does it happen when you are just watching the tv through sky+ box, or only when you are playing something back through it?

    Original Poster

    This happens on both Occasions

    Original Poster

    I will double check the scart lead later just in case? Otherwise I think the TV might be going back. :-(

    Just also check that you dont have your dvd/ ps3 / blue ray player etc on while watching sky+ as i find if i leave my dvd player on it sometime interfears with the sound a little, just something to keep in mind!
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