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    Please could someone help me - my dad has sky in his house but it was in his girlfriends name, she left over a year ago and even though he has always payed the bills sky wont let him do anything as he doesnt know the pass words and the sky isnt in his name. I told him just to cancel the direct debit and set up a new account with sky as a new customer and get a deal like the one posted? Does anyone know if he can do this? If not what would they advise? Thanks for reading. Rep left for help. xxx


    Yep, this would work because the account is in the name of his girlfriend so for all they know he could have only just moved in. Only thing I would suggest is that he uses a different bank account number if he has one.

    Sometimes offers arent available to people cancelling in these cases (as the payment methods in the same name)

    My advise is to phone the customer service dept and ask them if it would be applicable. They may be able to change the name and passwords on the account if he can verify the card number used to pay so that the accoutn is in his name and his ex cant phone up and increase the subsciptions or cancel without his knowledge. If the adviser he speaks to is in doubt as to the possibility of cancelling and creating a new account ask them to go through and speak to the cancellations dept on his behalf to get tht info.

    The last thing you want to happen is find that by him paying the bills already it makes him ineligable for new customer offers, therefore having to pay to set up bb again (if he has bb with them).
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