Sky help! Please

    I am moving house and we are arranging a brand new sky subscription... with multi room. We are getting sky + and then a free standard box for the multi room part...

    Question is- i have a spare sky + box from my last subscription.... will this work in the spare room?? Thanks for your help


    Yes it will work. Just make sure they fit a double cable from the dish to give you 2 channels.

    Make sure there's a Quad LNB on you dish.

    Don't you need another viewing card?


    Don't you need another viewing card?

    He would have got this because he has got multiroom.


    Make sure there's a Quad LNB on you dish.

    As the main Sky receiver is a Sky+, it will have a quad LNB fitted as Sky only fit quad LNB's for Sky+.

    It just requires a second cable for the multiroom Sky+.

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    THANKS so much. REp added to you all.
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