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Posted 18th Jun 2010
I'm going round in circles with the guy on the phone and feel like my head may explode!

My contract was due to end 5th june.

I phoned in april and was told I would receive information about the increase in price before this date, I never did.

I phoned on 1st june and changed package, was told my new monthly package would be £28, starting 5th june

On 5th june they tried to take £48.50 - there wasnt enough in bank to cover this as I didnt know this was amount being taken.

Went to put nick jr on for ds this afternoon and they have cancelled my viewing!

Phoned to find out why and was told direct debit was returned to them this month and in order to restore viewing I needed to pay the £48.50

I cant work out why I need to pay that amount, they are saying its because I need to pay month in advance

Can someone please explain how it works, as surely £28 would pay me up until 5th july?

They agree its £28 a month, but this month I have to pay the higher amount the £12 month after to be in advance?

I'm confused!
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